Nick Alabama Hills

For me, image making isn’t just capturing a moment in time, it’s several moments combined. Blending, shaping and sculpting with light is at the heart of my vision. I’m obsessed with light. Not just on set, later in a dim room I build an image from the ground up with the goal of creating still and moving images that stand out in a world of clutter.

Growing up in CA, my parents worked in retail. They told me I could do any job I want, but not in retail. In high school I signed up for a photography class. That’s all it took, a dream come true.

I’m not interested in showing you how clever I am, I want to show you how cool it can look.

Ford, Pfister, Hot Spring Spas, Specialized Bicycles, Sprint Velocity, Zager Guitars, PF Chang's, Competitor Magazine, Elliptigo Bikes, Caldera Spas, Popular Mechanics, SOAS Racing, Suntek Auto Films, Entropic, Jazzercise, Oceanside Glasstile, Disguise Costumes, BD Medical, Sabre Virtual Meetings.

Awards & Exhibits

2009 ADDY Gold Award

2010 PDN Go Indie Award

2014 APA Untitled Exhibit

2014 APA Something Personal Exhibit

2015 APA Off The Clock Exhibit

2015 ADDY Gold Award

2017 APA Something Personal Exhibit

2018 APA Something Personal Exhibit

2020 APA Off The Clock Exhibit

2020 Communication Arts Photo Annual

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